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BattleTech Vehicle Technical Readout VALIDATED

Type/Model: Conqueror Super Heavy Tank CQR-75A
Technology Base: Inner Sphere / 2472
Configuration: Tracked Vehicle
Rules: Standard Rules

Mass: 100 tons
Power Plant: 200-rated Ford I.C.E.
Cruise Speed: 21.6 km/h
Maximum Speed: 32.4 km/h
Armor Type: PanzerSlab
1 GE 205 Class 10 Autocannon
4 Browning Large Caliber Machine Guns
1 Amdecker 300 Large Laser
1 GE 508 Class 20 Autocannon
Manufacturer: Ford Military Limited, Various
Location: Terra (Discontinued 2550), Various
Communications System: Teledon 9
Targeting & Tracking System: Baltex K280


First designed in the late 25th century to ensure the supremacy of the Hegemony’s armored forces against all powers in the universe, the Conqueror Super Heavy Tank ended up forgotten and posted to militia units, due to the prevalence of the new ultimate weapon in the Hegemony’s arsenal, the BattleMech. However, unlike many old BattleMech designs, armored vehicles rarely ‘die out’ through the years. Despite being unpopular when first produced by Ford Military Limited, the Conqueror has spread through the Inner Sphere and Periphery, and enjoys a consistent, if low quantity production even still on dozens of worlds in the Inner Sphere. The explanation for how lies in the Amaris Crisis. When Ford Military’s complexes were heavily damaged in the Amaris Crisis, they ended up selling a great many sets of old plans and specifications to other companies to help raise capital to rebuild their factories. Unfortunately, the First Succession War intervened, and Ford was never able to sufficiently recover, being limited to producing engines and components afterward.

Despite the unfortunate luck for Ford, various other companies have capitalized on this opportunity, including Quikscell Company, Coventry Metal Works, Taurus Territorial Industries, General Motors, and others. Because of this, the Conqueror is produced by every major power in the Inner Sphere, and Periphery.

From the very start, the Conqueror was designed to bring overwhelming firepower down upon any enemy unfortunate enough to attract its attention. The primary weapons for this purpose are a mismatched set of autocannons produced by General Electric. A class 10 autocannon occupies the turret, and provides the majority of the long range firepower for the tank, while a massive forward mounted class 20 autocannon has the capability to cripple or destroy even the largest battlefield unit in a single salvo.

To combat infantry troops who may try to sneak up on the tank in urban terrain or wooded areas, the Conqueror carries four Browning machine guns, two in the turret, and one on each side of the tank. In support of the autocannons, and as a fall back weapon, a newly developed Amdecker 300 heavy laser. With a range that matches the GE 205, the Amdecker isn’t limited by ammunition, encouraging the crew to fire the weapon somewhat indiscriminately.

In addition to all the weaponry the Conqueror carries, it also carries a massive infantry bay, capable of transporting nearly any sort of soldiers, from foot soldiers, to jump troopers, to motorized infantry that move as quickly as it does. This increased the value of the tank during defensive operations. Also increasing the value of the tank in urban terrain is its quad track structure, which produces very low ground pressure, resulting in the tank being able to traverse most roads without causing damage to them.

While the Conqueror is heavily armed, and reasonably well armored, it is also slow. Incredibly slow in fact; tied with many of the slowest battlefield units ever produced. Only certain mobile structures move more slowly, resulting in the massive Conqueror seeming very fragile on the open field of battle. Because of this, the Conqueror was usually assigned for defensive duties in difficult terrain, an escort for other slow moving transports,infantry support, or as an assault unit for immobile targets.

Battle History:
Captain William Fletcher, Sarah Ramsey, John Bergmann, Angela Duerr, Craig
Barth, Scott Jones and ‘KaiserFuchs’

Commanded by one of the final remaining officers of the Bone-Norman planetary militia, the ‘KaiserFuchs’ (literally ‘Imperial Fox’) is a CQR-75A model Conqueror. KaiserFuchs is allegedly responsible for destroying 7 Clan OmniMechs, 10 Clan Second-Line BattleMechs, and countless Elementals and armored vehicles since the Jade Falcon Clan took Bone-Norman in 3050.

Made up of a crew evenly divided between Lyran Commonwealth and Federated Suns natives who happened to be on the planet at the time, the KaiserFuchs will go down in history as one of the most successful guerrilla units to fight against the Clans. Most of the ’Mech kills were against arrogant Clan trueborn warriors who consistently underestimated the ancient tank, venturing too close to its heavy weaponry. For years, KaiserFuchs and other vehicles of the Bone-Norman militia would relentlessly strike the Falcon garrison forces before fading away into the rural areas.

The remnants of the Bone-Norman militia were finally evacuated by a mercenary raiding force in 3064 during Operation: Audacity. That moment has been extremely bittersweet for the KaiserFuch’s crew. Having been cut off from the Inner Sphere for so long, they now have to deal with the fact that the Federated Commonwealth they fought so hard to support and defend is now nothing more than a memory.

With a service career and production cycle surpassing six centuries now, the Conqueror has spawned a large variety of variants and upgraded versions. Indeed, even the original prototype CQR-74A has proven popular for specialist applications. Below are listed some of the most common upgrades and variants for the Conqueror, though even this long list is not all-encompassing, and soldiers should be aware of that.

The original model of the CQR-74A had no infantry bay, and one ton less ammunition for the GE 508 autocannon. Instead, it mounted three Harpoon-5 long range missile launchers on the rear deck, fixed to fire into the forward arc of the tank. A single ton of ammunition fed the launchers.

Designed for city combat initially, the CQR-76A also saw use in the Succession Wars as a scorched earth assault unit. It dropped the Browning machine guns from the sides of the tank, the infantry bay, and a ton of the GE 508’s ammo to install five Harpoon-2 short range missile systems with a ton of ammo. Three launchers occupy the rear deck, firing into the forward arc. The other two launchers are mounted in the sides of the tank. Also added to this variant is two more tons of armor. In many cases, this variant used inferno rounds to obliterate the target of the assault completely.

In recent years, upgraded versions of the Conqueror, now classified as a Heavy Battle Tank, have appeared in modern front line forces in need of maximum and overwhelming firepower. Many of these units occupy the CQR-85B variant type, such as this example from Coventry Metal Works. First, the 200 rated I.C.E. engine is replaced by a 300 rated extra-light fusion plant, which increases the top speed of the Conqueror significantly, enabling its use in more environments. The weaponry is updated; with the class 10 autocannon being replaced by a Poland Main Model C Gauss Rifle with the tons of ammunition, and the laser being replaced by a Defiance 1001 ER PPC. With four Coventry Light Autoguns supported by a half ton of ammunition, and the Defiance ’Mech Hunter Autocannon/20 supported by three tons of ammunition for close range assaults, the Conqueror is a deadly beast up close. For protection, the CQR-85B mounts twelve tons of Lexington Limited High Grade ferro-fibrous armor, for a slight increase of protection over the baseline CQR-75A model. Also included is a CASE system for crew safety; and a completely updated electronics package.

Almost immediately after the CQR-85B was in place with Federated Commonwealth Regimental Combat Teams, it was refined into the CQR-90B through field refits. The size of the infantry bay was reduced to four tons, and reconfigured for battle armor transport. The extra tonnage was used to mount a Norse Guardian ECM suite in the tank, and another half ton of ferro-fibrous
armor. The CQR-90B quickly became a factory standard, and by 3060 was the dominant version of the tank being produced for front line units.

Even still, the CQR-90B led to the similar CQR-91B, which was refit by units seeking a longer lifespan on the battlefield. The Defiance 1001 ER PPC is replaced by a Cyclops XII extended range large laser, enabling the CQR-91B to carry another ton each of autocannon and gauss rifle reloads. In addition, the tank’s armor increased to a massive fifteen and a half tons of ferro-fibrous armor. This version of the tank is able to linger on battlefields for long periods of time, dealing out considerable damage the entire time.

Though lacking the same industrial base as the Inner Sphere powers, the Taurian Concordat began producing an upgraded CQR-85A Conqueror in 3062. Designed for militias and city fighting, it leaves the engine, and armor of the CQR-75A in place, contenting itself with updating the weaponry and electronics. The infantry bay is done away with entirely, and the new arsenal is focused around a turret mounted M-7 Gauss Rifle with three tons of ammunition. Mounted coaxially with the rifle is an Armstrong J11 class 5 autocannon with two tons of ammunition, and two SperryBrowning machine guns with a half ton of ammunition. In a front facing mount is a massive Crusher SH class 20 autocannon with three tons of reloads. Eight Death Blossom Rocket Launcher ten packs round out the weaponry, with 6 being mounted on the rear deck to fire forward, and the other two being added to the sides of the tank. Finally, to increase defense, CASE is added, along with a Apple Churchill ECM suite imported from the Capellan Confederation.

Designed for short, pitched battles at close range, this Conqueror is nearly fifty percent more expensive than the CQR-75A, but is also still a fraction of the cost of the advanced technology CQR-85B. This has kept the tank rolling off the line and into the hands of militias across the Periphery, and also in the Capellan Confederation.

Reportedly, some producers of the old CQR-75A in the Inner Sphere are considering a version based on the Taurians’ variant, but removing the rocket packs to put a machine gun on each side of the tank, and increase ammunition and armor levels. That version would be classed the CQR-86A.

In addition to all of the above, it’s reasonable to argue that the Mars Assault Vehicle used by the Clans can be considered an evolution of the Conqueror. This is supported by the nearly identical weapon layout as well as the nearly identical visual profile of the tank.

Deployed by militias across human occupied space, the Conqueror also shows up regularly, but rarely, in some vehicle heavy front-line units. The CQR-74A is used especially by assault units tasked with breaking emplaced defenses and bases.

Among the newer variants, the CQR-90B is most common, and sees use in the most prestigious front-line vehicle units. Despite the cost of the upgraded Conqueror, crews low the machine’s protection and massive firepower.

Type/Model: Conqueror Super Heavy Tank CQR-85A
Technology Base: Inner Sphere / 3062
Configuration: Tracked Vehicle
Rules: Standard Rules

Mass: 100 tons
Power Plant: 200 Warner I.C.E.
Cruise Speed: 21.6 km/h
Maximum Speed: 32.4 km/h
Armor Type: StarSlab/11 with CASE
1 M-7 Gauss Rifle
2 Sperry Browning Machine Guns
1 Armstrong J11 Autocannon
1 Crusher SuperHeavy Cannon
8 Death Blossom Rocket Launcher 10s
1 Apple Churchill Guardian ECM
Manufacturer: Taurus Territorial Industries
Location: Sterope
Communications System: Teledon 19
Targeting & Tracking System: Baltex K590
Type/Model: Conqueror Heavy Battle Tank CQR-90B
Technology Base: Inner Sphere / 3051
Configuration: Tracked Vehicle
Rules: Standard Rules

Mass: 100 tons
Power Plant: 300 Vlar XL Fusion
Cruise Speed: 32.4 km/h
Maximum Speed: 54.0 km/h
Armor Type: Lexington Limited High Grade Ferro-Fibrous with CASE
1 Poland Main Model A Gauss Rifle
4 Coventry Light Autoguns
1 Defiance 1001 ER PPC
1 Defiance ’Mech Hunter Autocannon/20
1 Norse Guardian ECM
Manufacturer: Coventry Metal Works, Various
Location: Coventry, Various
Communications System: Angst Clear Channel 3
Targeting & Tracking System: Angst Clear View 2A


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